LC86GAB latest firmware

Please let know latest firmware. I am having drift of more than 50-100 m even when stationary. I updated the SNR to 35 there is some improvement but still drift around ~ 50 m

Hi N_N

  1. Did you test it under an instrument or in a real network environment?
  2. Can you provide a picture or description of your test environment?
  3. Are you using a Quectel antenna? If not a Quectel antenna, please provide me with the antenna parameters so that I can confirm whether it is the antenna that affects it.
  4. In an open sky environment, using a Quectel antenna, the CN value of the module should be above 40.
  1. I tested in open ground with no building within 30m.
  2. External magnetic Antenna was placed on roof of car. Car was placed in middle of open ground.
  3. Not using Quectel Antenna. datasheet of antenna I am using attached.
  4. SNR threshold was set to 35, and Static threshold set to 2 dm/s
    Antenna_Datasheet.pdf (742.7 KB)

Hi N_N

  1. Are you using a PCB board you drew yourself or a sample board from our company? Can you send me a picture of the module?
  2. “SNR threshold was set to 35”, did you use the command “$PAIR058,35*1D” to set the SNR threshold? Why did you set this threshold? If you don’t have to use this command. I suggest not using this command to set the SNR threshold during testing.
  3. Our internal R&D is looking at the antenna information you used, and I will give you feedback as soon as possible if there is any feedback.
  4. If you have a Quectel antenna, it is also recommended that you use the Quectel antenna for testing.

Hi N_N
The antenna gain we recommend is less than 17dB, but the antenna gain you are using is about 10dB higher. We suggest you add some attenuation there and try again.

thanks very much george
will look into this…