Lc79h - jam_det

Hello Sir,

I’m reading the LC79H documentation and I would like to know how the JAM_DET Pin works.

Is there a correlated NMEA messages?

The pin will go high when the module detect a jamming condition, correct?


Hi Carlitos,

If there is any jamming that may interfere with the desired signal(s), the JAM_IND pin outputs low-level signal; otherwise, it outputs high-level signal.

There is a PAIR391 jamming detection command which indicates jamming.

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ok now is clear so the command is also capable to give me indication about if is L1 jamming or L5 jamming.

CAn you please send me the related document from where do you get the picture?
thank you in advance

Hi Carlitos,

I have sent relative docs via MESSAGE.

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hello any Update about the Firmware?