LC79H IDLE not working

Good Morning Raphael,

I would like to get more assistance base on the following procedure.
I have LC79H and LC29H and both based on your documentation are based on the same AIROHA chipset.

I did power consumption test but LC79H have a different power consumption than LC29H, then I noticed also the following:

LC29H 3.3V → 80.3 mW
LC79H 1.8V ->61.2 mW

Why there is this difference?

Using PAIR003 to the module and then PAIR002 for wake,up the module is not going in Full power again with NMEA output but it remans stuck with no NMEA.

In the documentation is written that is supported.

What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for the assistance

any update?

LC79H module is equipped with


Hi Carlitos,

It is true that LC29HAA and LC79HAL are the same chipset. But higher voltage( LC29HAA 3.3V ) needs a LDO, which will cause an extra consumption.

Before sending PAIR003, you should send $PAIR382,1*2E and check an ACK if you want the module can still reply( including reply to PAIR002 ) while subsys power off.

Best regards.

ok Raphael thank you.

I’ve one document of the LC79H but is not reporting those warning notes. Where I can take it?

Hi Carlitos,

I will send you via message.

Best regards.

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