LC79D Position Update Rate

I didn’t see any command in the LC79D command reference manual about changing the rate at which the chip acquires/reports position information. Is the update rate fixed at 1Hz? Is it possible to increase this rate (10Hz?) or is this a limitation of the BCM47755 chipset?

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Dear Fierst,
Yes, the update rate of LC79D module is fixed at 1 Hz at the moment and cannot be changed.


Hello! Are there plans to update the firmware with the possibility to change frequency up to 10 Hz? Thank you!

Dear MaximOvramenko,
May I know what’s your application scenario?
Now 5Hz is under development.


Hello, Berton! We are going to use LC79D for an agrotechnical needed. The average speed of the machines is near 30km/h. So it would be preferable to operate higher frequency.

Dear MaximOvramenko,
Yes, higher frequency would be better in you application.
You could contact our local sales and FAEs for support. Once new firmware is released, they could keep you posted. Also, they can help you in GNSS modules selection.

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What is the latest firmware on lc79d?

Dear Sir,
Now the latest LC79D official firmware is LC79DANR01A04S. Also we’ve a beta version supporting 5 Hz fix rate. You could contact our local FAE and sales for it.

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I bought the Evb kit in Korea.

I’d like to get the firmware for the exclusive version. Link, please.

Dear SIr,
Please download the firmware LC79DANR01A04S, upgrade tool and user guide from link below:

Best Regards

I need beta version firmware with lc79d 5Hz fixed speed

Dear Sir,
If you need BETA version, please contact our local FAEs and sales for support. They will help to apply for a beta version.

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Dear Sir,
Please download the BETA version supporting 5 Hz in previous link.

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I would like to change the lc79d nmea setting value as shown.
Is there a workaround?

The beta version has been downloaded, thank you.

Dear Sir,
Since they belong to different platforms, LC79D doesn’t support these setting.
I attached the protocol document for your reference : Quectel_LC79D(A)_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.0,

Best Regards