LC79D / LC79DAMD - is external inertial sensor needed


Is it necessary to use an external inertial sensor (like the LSM6DSR) with the LC79DAMD?

Can it be operated in standalone mode with only GNSS function (without needing external accelerometer or wheel speed pulse input signals for UDR)?

Can UDR be disabled?

We have firmware LC79DANR01A06S and LC79DANR01A05S. Do these firmware require an external sensor to be connected via I2C interface? Does it also require wheel speed input?



Hi Patrik,
LC79DA does not support to use an external inertial sensor, it is a GNSS locating module.

LC79DC can use an external inertial sensor to achieve Dead Reckoning(DR) function. And it needs a wheel speed injection.

Best regards.