LC79D active antenna


Does Quectel sell dual/multi-band active GNSS antennas that can be used with the LC79D module?

I found the YB0017AA antenna on your website. However, this antenna requires 3 - 5V supply voltage for operation, whereas the VCC_RF pin of LC79D would output around 1.8V (which is basically the VCC of the LC79D module).

Would it be safe to power the LNA of the active antenna with 3.3V or 5V through the recommended series inductor, and route the signal from the antenna to the RF_IN pin of LC79D with a DC blocking capacitor in between?

In other words, can we power the active antenna with a separate 3.3V supply, and route its output to the RF_IN pin of LC79D, instead of using VCC_RF to power the antenna?

We noticed that there is a provision for this in the LC79D EVB v1.3. The schematic for this board shows a resistor R115 which is unmounted. This resistor could be used to route VCC_3.3V to the antenna. Ofcourse, R116 would have to be removed.

Is it safe to operate the antenna and module in this fashion?

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Powering the antenna with external 3.3V is no problem.

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Thanks for your reply.
So is it safe to connect 3.3V antenna signal pin to the RF_IN pin of the LC79D module through a capacitor?

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Yes. You can refer to the following circuit:

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