LC76F AGNSS File structure (brdcGPD.dat)

Since there is no information about the structure of this file (brdcGPD.dat) in quectel Document , How can I create it?

Hi jackSmith
Yes, there is no information about its structure in the document.
i think this section is file header:

Do you think this file was created from RINEX data or EPO file?

I think it was created from the EPO files. It seems to have only 32 GPS data in it, which is valid for about 6 hours.

But its exact structure is unclear and more information is needed.
For example, what type of data is stored in this file and what type of variable is it, and which information source does this file use !!!؟؟؟!!!

Yes, we need more detailed information

you have a sample of this file in binary form?