LC29HEA latest firmware?

I received modules, but before I start messing with them, I would like to get latest firmware.


Hi @Pieva123
Here is a new version for LC29HEANR11A03S_RSA,2024/1/18. If needed, please contact to obtain the latest firmware,thanks~

This means that there is a newer firmware than LC29HEA**NR11A03S**_RSA,2023/10/31,16:52:14*2B?
If updated, please share fw.

As I understand there no way to check what is the latest firmware, except to ask about it.
It would be nice if Quectel would have any firmware status page with the versions list and a short list of what was changed between versions!

Hi bamarcant
LC29HEANR11A03S_RSA is the latest version.

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