LC29HBA information and help

Hello Quectel Support,

I got samples of the following modules LC29HBA that is supposed to have Dead Reckoning and RTK.

I read the application note but I’m not sure I understood how to do a RTK demo. Can you please point me some example?

My samples are equipped with:

In which PINs the RTCM correction has to be injected for having then an RTK output?


additional questions:

Is my firmware the latest available for testing?
if I would like to use this module like UDR, the pin 1 should be connected or not? or is needed only for ADR implementation?

thanks in advance

Hi Carlitos,

For RTK demo:
You need RTCM data from base stations and inject to LC29H. Please refer to DR&RTK_Application_Note, chapter 2.2.1, check the supported type of RTCM. RTCM data from base station don’t need to be disposed. Send to LC29H directly, then algorithm will handle them.

To check the module gets a RTK fix. Please refer to GGA message, parameter.

Hi Carlitos,

The switching between ADR and UDR is automatic. If there is no speed injection, LC29H will automatically switch to UDR mode. Please note that UDR accuracy is lower than ADR.

Before doing a DR demo. Please calibrate the module, so that the module can output DR calculation smoothly and accurately. After finishing calibration, you can drive the vehicle to underground parking or tunnel for testing.

Turn on PQTMDRCAL message to verify the calibration is finished or not.

$PAIR6010,2,10E //open PQTMDRCAL
5A //Save the PQTM configuration and PQTM commands will take effect after restart

Best regards.

Thank you for all the detailed information.
Can you please confirm if this is the latest FW or there is a more recent firmware?

Hi Carlitos,

I will send you the latest firmware via message. Please note that after upgrading to LC29HBANR11A01S_CSA4 version, the receiver can not get fixed in Russia and Iran.

Best regards.

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Hi Raphael,

thank you for sharing this relevant info.

In case I want to use UDR I’ve just connected the PIN2- FWD to low as per guide.

For testing with Wheel tick, connection how I should connect to the car? directly to the OBD? Do you have some reference indication?


Hi Carlitos,

In ADR mode, you can inject speed by command. Please note that make sure the input rate is at least 10 Hz.

Best regards.

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Hello Raphael,

on the latest FW you shared with me for the LC29HBA is claimed that SPI is supported.

Does it means that if I configure DSEL 0 and DSEL 1 the NMEA will be output over SPI?
Do I need to send any command or it will be automatically output?
Any info?