LC29H firmware request. I2C is not enabled

Can you please give me the latest firmware of this module?
I bought several units to Arrow, and I2C seems not enabled.

I’ve writed to arrow and quectel support guys but the only reply I got is “oh sorry, i thought your email was not enterprise so I trash your email”.

I work for a company and we have a product with this module, but I assume you sell chips to any market and any quantity. If you will remove support for individuals please say it clearly so anyone can make a decission before buy.
Also firmware and tools ready to download on the website and not shared by private message will be appreciated…

Hi Danirebollo_biz,

I feel sorry to tell you that we don’t have a LC29HAA firmware which supports I2C yet. But we plan to release a new version which supports I2C in the end of February.

Best regards.