LC29H firmware download and RTK base station setup

Hi, I have an LC29H(BS) and LC29H(DA), using the BS as the RTK base station and the DA as the mobile rover.

The version numbers are LC29HBSNR11A01S and LC29HDANR11A01S_RSA.

  • Are these out of date?
  • If so, where can I download the latest firmware?

I have got RTK working, but I would like a few clarifications. My process is:

  • I run the survey-in feature for a period of time (eg: 2 hours). When this finishes, I start passing corrections to the rover and it gets “Fixed RTK”.
  • I save the base station position to a file.
  • On a separate occasion, I return to the same location, making sure the base station antenna is in the exact same spot.
  • I configure the base station to use fixed mode, with the position measured above.
  • I pass corrections to the rover again, and get “Fixed RTK” again.

Questions related to the base station:

  • Is there a minimum position estimate accuracy required for Fixed RTK instead of Float RTK? For example, will it fail if the survey-in process isn’t run for long enough, or if using fixed mode with a position that is slightly off (eg: 1cm).
  • If using fixed mode, and this manual position is accurate, do I still need to wait a period of time before getting Fixed RTK?
  • If using fixed mode, does the base station need to start in the correct position when powered on, or only when the fixed mode request is sent? For example, will it fail if powered on at a different location, moved to the correct location, and then the fixed mode request is sent?

Questions related to configuration/commands:

  • Does the “3D_AccLimit” field have an affect when using fixed mode? I have observed that if it is too low, the device doesn’t respond to the fixed mode request.
  • When using survey-in mode, for certain values of the “MinDur” field, it doesn’t start the survey-in process. For example, it works for “3800” but not “3600”. This seems like a bug, perhaps it is fixed with updated firmware?

Finally, I have also found that the rover degrades to “Float RTK” if there is too much electrical interference. In my case, if the antenna or antenna cable is close to a raspberry pi 5 (with USB 3.0).

  • Is this expected?
  • If so, do you have recommendations for minimising interference?

Hi Zlambert,

For configuration questions:

  1. It’s recommended to set survey-in minumum duration to 43200 seconds(12 hours) if the installation of base is decided. The longer it surveys, the preciser position is. BS will reach around 1.0 meter accuracy.

  2. “3D_AccLimit” is a tolerance of BS positioning accuracy. The smaller limit you set, BS will need more time and better environment to reach the accuracy level. If 3D_AccLimit = 0, that means no error is allowed. And BS won’t get fixed position, so the base station won’t work. It’s recommended to set 3D_AccLimit to 15.0 same as default value.

  3. About MinDur doesn’t work at 3600, we will verify it. If the enviroment (like signal level, interference, etc) is not good, BS will keep positioning and take longer time than “MinDur”.