LC29H: Error reply on $PQTMxxx messages


my LC29HBA module always answers to RTK/DR specific $PQTMxxx messages with a PAIR error message - I always get back:

e.g on String: “$PQTMDRCAL,1,0,1*5C” the item only returns $PAIR001,000,4*3F
or on String: “$PQTMCFGEINSMSG,0*0E” the item only returns “$PAIR001,000,4*3F”

The message that works is the version:

on Startup I get as ?version?:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Pstumbler,

Please note that what you could send to the module must be a set or query type command, but not an output type.

If you want to turn on PQTMDRCAL sentence, you should send $PAIR6010,2,10E. Then you will get response like


Best regards.

This is a startup message which contains the chipset information.

HI Raphael-Q,

that makes sense - I didn’t notice the “Type: Output”.

Thank you very much and kind regards!