LC29H (BA) RTK Feature RTK feature with NTRIP

I’m attempting to acquire RTK with the LC29H BA module. I’m utilizing a public RTK base station that provides RTCM 3.x messages, and I’ve validated the corrections using another GNSS system.

I’ve utilized Quectel’s software to acquire the NTRIP corrections and have tested it with both the LC29H BA and another GNSS system.

While the other system acquires RTK within a few seconds, the Quectel module doesn’t seem to respond. Could you advise on what might be going wrong? Is there a specific configuration needed for the LC29H?

After sending the $PTMVERNO*58 command I got the response:


which I assume that means that the module has the correct firmware version installed (I did not install it myself).

I confirmed that the base station I am using (you can also see details on the image bellow) is compatible with the RTCM messages 1085, 1095, 1075.

Even so, the module never enters in RTK mode.

From “$GNGGA” the Fix Type is always set to 1.

Hi Luis,

The firmware on your module is old one. I will send you the latest firmware via message.

Best regards.

Hello Guys,

I received today the LC29HDA.

My firmware is $PQTMVERNO58

is this the latest one? Can I have the latest?



Hi Carlitos,

I will send you the latest LC29HDA firmware via message.

Best regards.

Hello Raphael,

thank you for your prompt support as always.
I noticed that on the release note the following commands has been added, which document should I refer?
Can you please send me?

Thanks in advance

Hi Carlitos,

I will send you the related document via message.

Best regards.

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