LC29DAMD Hardware Design and RTK

unfortunately I am not able to find the Hardware Design and GNSS protocoll documents for the LC29DAMD module.
Would it be possible to get these?

Also is there any tutorial/guidance on how to enable RTK on this module?

Thanks in advance,
Markus Schweitzer

Dear markus1234
What is your application? Is it used on a bicycle or a car? Do you need inertial navigation? If it is a car, can you get speed and forward and backward information from the car?

Thanks & Best Regards!

Hi, thanks for your anwser.

It will be for offroad bicycles. I’m able to get the “wheel tick impulse” from a sensor in the wheel itself. Additionally I have a compass and an accellerometer sensor wise (so that I can determin if I am moving forward or backwards and in which direction).

Best regards,
Markus Schweitzer