My LC29DA module


works well in the L1/L5 GPS+GALILEO+BEIDOU navigation mode.
I have enabled the UBX-RXM-RAWX/BRM-ASC-MEAS (0x0215) message output
using UBX-CFG/BRM-STP-MESSAGE (0x0601)

13:55:20  0000  B5 62 06 01 03 00 02 15 01 22 70                 µb......."p.

and it is acknowledged by the module (UBX-ACK-ACK/BRM-ACK-ACK)

13:55:21  0000  B5 62 05 01 02 00 06 01 0F 38                    µb.......8.

but the UBX-RXM-RAWX/BRM-ASC-MEAS message is not being sent.
Does the firmware version LC29DANR01A02S_2WDR_HYF support raw measurement data output,
or do i need to install some other firmware version ?

Hi Helg,

Our current firmware version LC29DANR01A02S_2WDR_HYF and LC29DANR01A03S_2WDR_HYF do not support BRM-ASC-MEAS. Currently there’s no plan for newer firmware version.
We will keep you updated if there’s any change.

Best regards,

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