LC25D and u-blox NEO-* board

LC25D is not 100% pin-compatible with the u-blox NEO modules, because the RTS/CTS pins (18 and 19) are shared with SCL/SDA. Is it ok to have an I2C EEPROM connected to the RTS/CTS pins if i am not planning
a module reflash ?

Dear Sir
Is it an LC29D module? Can you share the schematic diagram of the NEO module?

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Dear Albert.Liu,

the module is LC29DA and it does not work with the I2C EEPROM connected to the RTS/CTS pins,
probably because of the pull-up resistors.
Cheaper u-blox NEO modules without SQI flash use external I2C EEPROM for storing configuration settings.
They are not pin-compatible with LC29DA because of the different D_SEL,SDA,SCL pin usage.
LC29DA uses a subset of the u-blox UBX protocol for configuration and RAW measurement data output.