Latest RM520N-GL firmware

I currently have RM520NGLAAR03A01M4G. Is this the latest firmware for the RM520N-GL? Also may I get the latest QNavigator (I have 1.6.10) for windows and QFlash (I have 5.8EN) for windows.

Dear @kameleon
QNavigator didn’t have newer version.
I have sent Qflash and latest firmware to you via Message, please check.


Could you email me the latest RM520N-GL firmware and QFlash for Windows.

Thank you.

Can I get the latest RM520N-GL firmware along with AT command PDF?

Thank you.

Hi Silvia,
can I get from you all firmware versions of the RM520N-GL? I need to make it work with T-Mobile SIM, and I see a lot of troubles. As soon as it gets connected, it disconnects right away. Any insight here?