Latest module firmware Zyxel NR7101


Anyone here have a link to latest module firmware to Zyxel NR7101, i live in Sweden.
Now i am using RG502QEAAAR11A07M4G…


Thats latest compatible whit Zyxel Firmware.
There is a new line of firmware that adds 5G CA, But it is still not 100% compatible whit the Zyxel Firmware, which is RG502QEAAAR13A01M4G.
It is the same as RG502QEAAAR11A07M4G, it just have a few different AT commands, so the router firmware that use it, needs to be compatible whit this, and also it just adds 5G CA, apart that, is the same firmware.
Quectel did not clarify if they will develop both firmware lines, or if they will switch to R13 line, but if you want 5G CA, seems you have to use R13, because R11 line is not compatible.
If you use R13 on thee zyxel, atm you loose control on cell lock, only whit latest beta firmware you have some cell lock functions, but is not really handy.
It is usable, and maybe when they release V6 stable, maybe they will adds full support to R13 firmware line, but as of now, RG502QEAAAR11A07M4G and V5 firmware are latest stable versions.

Where to download RG502QEAAAR13A01M4G ?

i have zyxel 7101, with firmware 1.00(ABUV.7)C0 and module firmware RG502QEAAAR11A07M4G.

can i uprade it to R13 ? can you please give download link?