Latest MC20-CE Module Firmware

I use MC20-CE Module and firmware module is MC20CBR01A04.
What’s the latest firmware version of this module?

I have sent the latest firmware to your email,pls check

Hi Herbert,
thanks for send firmware for me, But I need firmware for mc20-ce and you send mc20-cb firmware. can you send MC20-CE firmware? Because it isn’t possible to upgrade the mc20-ce module with the mc20-cb module firmware.

As for MC20CE, I can’t find the firmware. There is no updated version in our internal database

Thanks Mr. Herbert for your reply.
This request isn’t related to the topic, but if it’s possible for the mc60 firmware module,
and MC60CAR01A21
send me too.
Thank you for your attention.

I only find out MC60CAR01A20

can you send me the version you find?

I have sent it to your email

thanks Mr. Herbert.
Do you also have firmware for the mc60-cb module? If possible, send me the latest version of this module that you have.
Thank you very much.

I also have sent it to your email