latest L86 firmware

Where can I find the latest firmware for the L86?

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The firmware has been sent to you by email, please check it.

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Hello. Could you please send the updated firmware for L86. And what software is used to upload the firmware to the module?

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Here is the firmware for L86, version L86NR03A01S
Please upgrade via QGPSFlashTool. The upgrade procedure is refered in doc Quectel_L80&L80-R&L86&LC86L_EVB_User_Guide_V2.1.pdf, paragraph 6.
Best regards. (1.2 MB) (5.2 MB)
Quectel_L80&L80-R&L86&LC86L_EVB_User_Guide_V2.1.pdf (1.2 MB)

I could not read the Flash tool’s Readme file. But I think he wants me to dump the dll files into the syswow64 file. Dropped files. Now it gives an error like this. I am trying to update L86 via cp2102. I’m sure I chose the port correctly. Can you help me please?

I solved the firmware update problem. But the location information is still very wrong. In the picture below, the module is in the right position, but it is sending the information of the left position. What could be the reason for this? And can you please send me QCOM Tool and QGNSS Tool?

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Please check the QCOM tool and QGNSS tool below.
It’s a pity that the website restricts the size of apps. Please remember to unzip the two QGNSS zip files and put them together in the same folder name. :rofl: (3.4 MB)
QGNSS_V1.5.7_Build0707(1).zip (27.4 MB)
QGNSS_V1.5.7_Build0707(2).zip (33.6 MB)

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Thank you. My problem is partially solved. Now I will ask one more thing. How can I make the data I receive with uart over the module so that google map can understand? What is the formula of this?
For example, $GNGLL,4029.3447,N,04951.1405,E,111429.000,A,A*4B how can I make this data (4029.3447,N,04951.1405,E) like this 49.85234167 X 40.48907833?

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Please try this tool, it can read log files and transfer logs to kml files( which can read by Google Map). (511.4 KB)
If MB tool didn’t open Google Map automatically, please import the kml file generated by MB to Google Map manually.
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Thank you for everything. I can’t sleep if I don’t ask you questions every day ))))
Now I want to know this. How can I get kml log file from L86? Is there a tool for this?

Dear Sir,
Step 1: connect the module to QGNSS tool and power it up. QGNSS will keep monitoring the data and recording as a log file automatically.
Step 2: Disconnect the module to QGNSS tool in order to stop recording. Click FileShow Logfile in Explorer Sorting the files in descending chronological order so that you can easily find the latest log file.
Step 3: Copy the file in another folder ( recommend ), and import the file to MB-GPS2KML tool. You will get a kml log which generated by MB.

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