Latest HW Design Spec for customer EM12 / EM120 / EM160

HI Quectel Team,

my customer ekf Eleltronik GmbH asks for the latest HW Design Spec. for:
EM12-G (Part-No. : EM12GPA-512-SGAD)
EM120R-GL (Part-No. : EM120RGLAU-M21-SGADA)
EM160R-GL (Part-No. : EM160RGLAU-M21-SGADA)

Can you share with me?

Thortsen Mohrberg and Lukasz Olszewski are involved in the project.


Hi mbaessler_arrow Europe,
Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Sorry, there is currently a hardware design manual for EM12-G. Please provide your email. I will send you the hardware manual for EM12-G. However, there is no archived version of the hardware manual for EM120R-GL and EM160R-GL. I believe it will be EM120R- The hardware manuals archived by GL and EM160R-GL will be uploaded to our company’s official website, so stay tuned, thank you