Latest FW for EC25-E

Can someone please send me the latest FW for the Quectel EC25 Module. And maybe the software to use to update the modem.
Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

hi ,
What is your current version? thanks.

I have 2 modems with the following firwares:

  • EC25-E module with the FW EC25EFAR06A16M4G_20.200.20.200
  • EC25-EUX module with the FW EC25EUXGAR08A09M1G_20.003.20.003.

Thanks in advance

hi ,
The EC25-E module is the latest version.
Please provide your email address, I will send the latest firmware version of EC25-EUX module to you, thanks.

Can you send to my e-mail: the latest firmware for EC25-EUX module? I have 2 pieces, both have now EC25EUXGAR08A03M1G

It has been sent by email.thanks.

Dear AnnaLiu,
Thanks a lot for a prompt reply.