Latest FW for EC200U


Can anyone share the latest FW for EC200U?

The current FW version is EC200UCNAAR03A03M08

Hi @AkhilVarghese
Please give your e-mail and i wii send it to you.

Hi @lyman-Q
Can you share the lastest FW for EC200U ?
I used version is EC200UCNAANO5TAOAA.
My email:
Thank you so much!

Hi @H_ng_Ph_m_Van
Send it to you,pls chk.

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I have shared you my email id

Hi i need to upgrade my EC200U. my current version is EC200UCNAAR03A03M08.
can you please send me guide to upgrade firmware and latest firmware update files

My mail Id :

I haven’t received the latest firmware for EC200UCNAAR03A03M08 from @lyman-Q

Hi @Harshad_Patil @AkhilVarghese @H_ng_Ph_m_Van
I have send it to you,please chk.

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