Latest firmware for the RM520F-gl module


Can I please have the latest firmware for this 5G module? Thanks!

Dear @Semsem
Could you query your current firmware via AT+QGMR?

Hi dear @silvia I bought this 5G module from AliExpress and it is in transit so it is not here yet to issue the aforementioned command. I just wished to have the latest firmware so when it arrives I am ready :slight_smile:

I also have one that is being shipped right now, if I could get the latest firmware so once it arrives I can deploy it. Thank you!

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Here is my output:


Dear @Semsem
RM520FGLBAR03A01M4G_01.200.01.200 is the latest version.

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Dear @comconcepts
Your firmware is the latest one.

Is there a way to find out when new firmware is released instead of asking here every few weeks? It appears this module is at least 2 versions behind the RM520N-GL, and I believe there are important bug fixes in them.

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