Latest Firmware for RM510Q-GL

Hi Team,

I recently bought RM510Q-GL module to do some POC . I am an individual college graduate ,I do not work for any company .

I am on Firmware RM510QGLAAR11A03M4G. Could you pls provide the latest Firmware files ?

My email id :


I have the same module, single hobbyist, my mail is

Thank you

RM510QGLAAR11A03M4G is the latest firmware version of the current release

I need latest firmware version to RM510Q-GL, pleaseee
My current firmware version is RM510QGLAAR11A02M4G
Thank you

I have sent it to your email,please check

Hello, I have the same module.
Could you send me the firmware, please?

Thank you in advance.

I have sent it to your email,please check

Received. Thank you!

But, what is the difference between this “AA” version and the “HA” version? I had RM510QGLHAR11A03M4G