Latest firmware for Quectel RM502Q-AE

my I have the latest firmware for Quectel RM502Q-AE

I have a problem with it as the speed won’t exceed 160mbps while on my phone over 400mbps same tower and 5g , maybe I need an upgrade for the module ??

Did you compare which bands you are connected to on the phone and on the Quectel module? Unfortunately this Quectel module is not the best for Middle East area. Also the module runs SD X55 while your phone maybe has newer and faster modem. Before I purchased the Quectel module I asked their sales rep and they reassured me it is a good fit for my region but I see now it is not the case and they don’t seem interested in supporting our region.

it’s turned out my router not working very well with it ,but still I need the update file , if you have it

the band n78+b7+b3+b28

i also have this issue, on my poco 5g get 1.2gbps, but on suncomm 01 modem use quectell rm500q only get 500mbps…if have any solution please tell me

what router do you use ? or direct to PC ?

both is same…i use suncomm 01 fren


Can you please send the the latest firmware for RM502QAE for windows 10 and ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and also the documentations and steps to install. I have tried the links in this forum but didn’t work.

Thank you