Latest Firmware for MC60 module


I am using this module for some experiments and require it’s latest bootloader.
Can someone please send me the latest bootloader file?

The version I am using is: MC60CAR01A09

Hi,uartist, the firmware has been sent to you,good luck to you

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Hello Vincent. The bootloader does work as required.
Although I require a newer version of QFlash for flashing the code.
Could you please provide me with the tool or a link to download the said tool?

Hello, the firmware version of my mc60 product I am using: MC60CAR01A10
I am getting failed result in mqtt pub/sub operation with tinyGsm library. I wonder if I install the latest version, will my problem be solved?
I request you to at least send the updated version and qflash software to my email to try it out.
Good luck.