Latest firmware for M66 with MQTT TLS


I’m looking for latest firmware OpenCPU for M66 modules which contains libraries for MQTT connection over TLS, HTTPS and FOTA.

Please mail on


What do you need, firmware or SDK development kit?

Please feedback the detailed model and firmware version of the module you are currently using. The M66 is not clear. thank you

Hi - I’m looking for the latest core firmware on OpenCPU for M56-R with all the libraries:

  • http
  • mqtts with wolf ssl enabled and can accept password =640 chars
  • ntp
  • filesystem
  • GPIO and interrupts
  • external flash
  • audio play
  • quecfota
  • timers

I’m sorry that the current policy has been changed, and the sdk cannot be sent to you. If you want the sdk, please contact our local fae and then sign the NDA. The SDK can only be sent if the assessment has been reviewed.