Latest firmware for EC25-AF?

Also having problems to connect to AT&T, like others mentioned here on the forum already, I am using EC25AFFAR07A08M4G . If this is not latest firmware, please state, which is latest version, and pls, email.
I have to state here, that I am very unhappy with Quectels policy regarding modem firmwares. It would be a good idea, to publish list of most recent firmware versions, at least. Current policy, in combo with often slow response from support, does not encourage usage of Quectels modems.


Hi @speibl
Please allow me to apologize, sorry for the bad experience, please can you give me your email, I will send you the latest firmware, you are not currently using the latest firmware.
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Pls, mail to
Thank you.

Hi @speibl
I send the firmware to you,please check.

Thank you, I got it. BTW: Is there some kind of change log available, to track the bug fixes / changes in the various versions ?

Hi @speibl
Yes, there is a release note document in the firmware package with what was fixed in each version.

Thank you, I got it. Because my EC25-AF is built into a router, running openwrt, I need to ask, how to use the file, you sent, with
qmi-firmware-update ?

The USB port of the device is not led out, right?

Sorry, I have no idea. The device in question is a Teltonika RUT955, running “official” openwrt firmware. You might find tech specs on their site.
It might be a good idea, to provide a software package regarding firmware update for openwrt, in casing of using special tool(s), because your modems are used quite often. However, maintaining a fleet of them needs a stable firmware foundation. And buying more devices over time often shows various firmware versions for the modems, which is a PITA to keep in sync.

Can you please mail the latest firmware to me for EC25-AF?

Revision: EC25AFFDR07A08M4G

Hi @vidplace7
I have send it to you by chatbox,pls chk.

I’m sorry for bothering but I was wondering if you could share the latest firmware with myself as well.

I too would like the latest firmware for the EC25-AF

Thank you