Latest firmware for BC66NA and BC66NB STD Kit boards

Hi All,
I have both the NA and NB kits. They both have old FW. Where can I get the firmware to upgrade both boards?
Thanks you,

What are the current firmware versions of your NA and NB modules?

ATI //query the current firmware

Hi Herbert,
We have 2 types of development boards:

  1. ATI → Quectel_Ltd Quectel_BC66NA Revision: BC66NADAR01A01_CS
  2. ATI → Quectel_Ltd Quectel_BC66 Revision: BC66NBR01A07

We will use the BC66NA chip for production.

Thanks you for your support.
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BC66NADAR01A01_CS //the latest firmware (2.9 MB)

Hi Herbert,
Excellent, I will update the BC66NB kits.
Is it possible to get a backup of the BC66NA FW if the FW designers have issues?

Also, where is the best place to find documentation on the feature set for the FW releases.

Thanks again

If you have firmware requirements, you can email