Latest firmware and firmware upload guide for RM500Q-GL

Hello, I’m currently using 5G module but it seems like my firmware is very obsolete version.
Can I get a firmware uploader & latest firmware for this module?

Model: RM500Q-GL
OS: Linux
Revision: RM500QGLAAR01A01M4G_BETA_20191220F

Dear @TP14
Please take a picture of your module, your firmware is too old, I need to cofirm if your module is Engineer sample.

Here is picture of module.

It seems like it is an ES(Engineering Sample).

Dear @silvia
I forgot to give mention to you.

It is hardly to see through picture, but it got engrave saying Engineering Sample on it. So I think it is an ES module.

Dear @TP14
This is ES sample, it can’t flash the latest firmware.
It is highly recommended to order MP sample for testing.

Dear @silvia

Thanks for the help.
I’ll leave this topic as solved.