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Hello, for linux I need the following drivers:

For windows instead, please share the following:

Which Quectel modem do you use?

I have the RM502Q-AE and the EM160R-GL-AU

I will send it. Please check the message later.

I’m trying to access the ADB interface on my EM160R-GL, since I need to change the default IP it has ( what are the AT commands to do that?

I think you have modified the settngs.
By default it is 2.
If would like to get IP from the gNodeB, please set the usbnet to 0 or 2.

And if you insist on the usbnet mode you are using now, you need find the /etc/mobileap_cfg.xml.
Or you can check whether it support AT+QCFG=“lanip”.

Can you explain me the steps to access the /etc/ folder and the XML files within? Is there a password to enter to access ADB?

Q: Is there a password to enter to access ADB?
A:hello, for adb password, i will send to you, please give me your quectel-ID,
another question, bean will continue to help you ,thanks~