Latest BG95 firmware version and functional differences with the BG96

Can someone tell me what the latest released firmware version is for the BG95? The device that I have has the following:

14/12/20 17:32:43.002 INFO: RX> "ATI"
14/12/20 17:32:43.007 INFO: RX> "Quectel"
14/12/20 17:32:43.011 INFO: RX> "BG95-M3"
14/12/20 17:32:43.016 INFO: RX> "Revision: BG95M3LAR02A02"
14/12/20 17:32:43.022 INFO: RX> "OK"
14/12/20 17:32:43.027 INFO: TX> "AT+QGMR"
14/12/20 17:32:43.032 INFO: RX> "AT+QGMR"
14/12/20 17:32:43.038 INFO: RX> "BG95M3LAR02A02_01.003.01.003"
14/12/20 17:32:43.044 INFO: RX> "OK"

I can see that this version doesn’t support certain functions such as:


and powering down using the PWRKEY pin doesn’t seem to work either.

This is as compared to a BG96 where all of the above works with v01.017 firmware.

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Hi pdaj_mm

  1. for the newest fw version of BG95M3 ,pls kindly down load from the below link :

  1. yes , this three At cmd can not be supported anymore in BG95 module turn off module , powerkey should be work

Hi, with BG96 when I use the PWRKEY to turn it off I receive a POWERED DOWN message on the serial port, but with the BG95 I don´t receive anything on power down, I see that it sends RDY on power up but nothing on power down, is this the expected behavior? Is there any way to know it has finished the power down?

Thanks in advance


press PWR + PWRDWN (hold pwr, press pwrdwn, release pwr)

I found that by trial and error. it might be stated somewhere but I wouldn’t know where.

Hi! are there any new firmware releases?

Also I’m having troble with the PPP. During the initial initialization it seems really unstable and I get “NO CARRIER” reply shortly after “ATD*99#”. But strangely enough 1 out of 10 tries to initialize PPP it starts working correctly.