Latest AT commands manual for the RM502Q-AE

Hello. I am running the 13 firmware and wish to know what new AT commands were added. The manual I currently have is from 2020. I think there is a newer one. Thanks for your help!

Dear @Semsem
Could you let me know which document you want?

Hi dear @silvia I want the latest AT commands manual for the rm502q-ae so I can talk to my modem :slight_smile:

Dear @Semsem
I have sent it to you via Message, please check.

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Hello. Could you send me an AT commands manual as well ?

Dear @Irakliy
I have sent it via Message, please check.

Hello, can you please send me the manual too?

Please I need the same document, thank you

May I please also get a copy of the latest AT Command reference manual for RM502Q-AE?

Thank you in advance!

hello mr silvia…please check pm…i did pmed u

If you can send these manual to mee, I appreciate too.

Hi, can I please have the latest AT commands manual too? Thanks!

hello can I have the latest firmware I have this


Dear @murad_dawod
For the latest firmware, please contact with your provider or sales firstly, they have the latest one, thanks for your understanding.

Dear @eggplant @logi @5G-OG @mas_joko @Challado @shivang25
For the AT command document, you can contact with your provider and sales firstly, they have access to get the latest one.
Or you can login our website to download.

So now even begging you at the forums for the latest firmware does not work? I will never buy any Quectel product ever again as long as this practice is still in place.

Dear @Semsem
We hope that the forum is mainly used by developers to discuss issues and exchange technical experience. For obtaining information, we suggest prioritizing downloading it from Quectel’s official website or obtaining it from suppliers. The forum serves as an auxiliary place for obtaining information, and we hope to focus our limited energy more on solving technical problems. We hope you can understand and apologize for any inconvenience caused

Hi Silvia,

I understand you want to prioritize your limited resources, but the latest docs/firmwares are rarely there on the Quectel’s official download page. And for the majority of us, we sourced our Quectel modules through third party suppliers who do not have the latest information themselves.

So, either you have to provide us with the latest firmware/docs OR the Quectel Download Zone needs to be continuously updated.

I personally hope that the Download Zone is always updated and we don’t have to rely on contacting you/suppliers for software and docs.


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Dear @shivang25
Yes, our colleague will update the docs in Download Zone regularly, they need time.
For somer software, it need some license to release, sorry for this.

Hello, can you share by email the at manual for the firmware R13A04 too? @silvia