Last firmware for EC20


some one have or can give me a link to download the last firmware versione for the device EC20F?

Or some one could give me the Firmware version: EC20CEFAR02A11M4G?

This is my device

Thank you

Ok, I will send EC20CEFAR02A11M4G firmware to you via email.

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Thank you Isaac.Wang-Q :smiley:

One more information, do you have a firmware version to use the EC20 as PSAP?


what is PSAP? What exactly does it do?

To work as a “public-safety answering pointbe - PSAP” and to able to receive the emergency call and receive the information set in the MSD field.

Thank you

I am not very clear, the standard version firmware is not available, maybe you need the open vesion and do some development yourself.

Refering to this document
Product_20140304_S ( in partucilar the section eCall page 40 in the software reader, page 79 of the document.

I would need to use the ec20 to receive a call and the MSD package. With the original firmware you sent me I can only make a call and send the MSD but not receive.

Is there any firmware that can make the EC20 work as a PSAP in order to receive the eCall and associated MSD?

Here on page 12 chapter 4 eCall Testing, there is the description of the scenario that I would like to test.

Could you also send me the open version firmware to check it?

Hi Sergio89,
I don’t want to upset you, but the module for which you request firmware is for the Chinese and Indian markets. Quectel does not support this module beyond these markets. For the rest of the world, Quectel produces the EC25 series modules.
As for the eCall function, it is not fully functional in the EC20 series. The development of this feature in the EC20 modules was discontinued, as Quectel released a special automotive grade module AG35, where eCall is supported. However, support for this module is provided only to automotive equipment designers with a registered project and under NDA. So you should contact your local Quectel disty for details.
I hope my answer will be helpful.

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Thank you for your support @Servo, ok, it’s probably a problem I can overcome, the scenario that I wan reproduce was:

EC20 as PSAP to receive the MSD package and an AG35 to start the eCall, but it is not a problem to reverse the procedure, so:

AG35 used as PSAP and EC20 as eCall, I’m able to make a call with the EC20, how I can use the AG35 as PSAP? Is necessary a specific firmware?

This is my AG35 hardware:

Thank you