L96: Satellites used and question on WAAS

Hello and thanks for the help.

I an testing an L96 module under less than idea circumstances (hand wired instead of on a PCB). It locks but drifts a fair bit. I have it outside but just barely (out a window).

This is my configuration sequence
$PMTK10132 —> $PMTK011,MTKGPS - OK
2E —> $PMTK010,001 - OK
$PMTK313,12E —> $PMTK001,301,3 - OK
0 —> $PMTK001,313,3 - OK
$PMTK353,1,1,1,1,12A —> $PMTK001,353,2 - OK
34 —> $PMTK513,1 - OK
$PMTK605*31 —> $PMTK705,AXN_5.1.6_3333_18060500,0008,Quectel-L96,1.0 - OK
Config Complete!

(the - OK is my software checking the replies)

When I get

I notice no DGPS data even though I think I enable WAAS and WAAS is available in Ontario, Canada.

Moreover, it seems I am using 5 satellites for the fix but satellites in view message suggests 10


Sometimes the GPGGA says I have “no fix” but GPGSV says I have 11 satellites in view.

Am I setting up the L96 incorrectly or am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you.

Dear Sir

  1. From the GSV statement, the signal value is too bad, can I find a better place to test it?
  2. Is the L96 module placed in the casing of the machine?
    Thank you!

Thank you for the reply.

I will try find a better location. It is not inside a machine, it is inside a plastic box. There are wires inside the box which may be affecting it.

I will let you know what happens.

Dear Sir
Because the antenna on the L96 is relatively small and will be affected by the surroundings, it is recommended to place the GNSS module in the best position first.

Best Regards!