L96 not talking over UART

I have an L96 and I just want to listen to the nmea sentences to see what I get. I’ve plugged it into an atmega328 which I am using as a serial pass through. I have connected 3.8V to 8 & 9, and i’ve connected a couple of the GND pins to 0V (it looks like they’re all commoned together). I’ve also connected 16 and 17 together to use the internal antenna. I’m using the UART connection on 25 and 26. No matter what I do with the UART (at 9600) I never get anything out of the device. Am I missing something else I need to connect to get it to talk? Will it start producing NMEA sentences as soon as it starts or does it need a lock? Any help would be appreciated.

  1. It is recommended to use 3.3V power supply;
  2. Please measure the current of the module under 3.3V and give me feedback?

Thanks, I will measure the current tonight. I would like to run this from a single cell lithium battery and the data sheet suggests it will run on up to 4.3V, surely 3.8V is not too high?