L96-M33 GPS location ALU case?

Hello, I am a student engineer and I am working on a device where I use L96-M33 to get satellite time. I am using an integrated antenna. My prototype is working well in a plastic case but I have a few questions.

  1. question… Will the module work if I place it under the OLED display and it will be in an aluminium case and over the antenna will be hole/opening(display opening)?
    Or do you have any other idea how to place the gps module in an aluminium case? Is it even possible?

  2. question… Is it necessary to place the gps module on the edge of PCB? Or is there some way how to place the gps module on the PCB without location on the PCB edge?

Thanks Martin

Hi Martin,

For PCB design, please refer to the reference design and HW design attached.
For the aluminium case part, could you please specify the setup in more details? It is not quite clear for us from your description.

Best regards
Quectel_L96_Hardware_Design_V1.3.pdf (659.0 KB)
Quectel_L96_Reference_Design_V1.1.pdf (215.5 KB)