L96-m33 do not receive any satellite

L96-M33 v.2.1 module connected to usb converter with u-center software only worked on a cloudless sunny day.
Tested another brand bn-220 also works indoors.
The L96-M33 module you tested is version 2.1 ?

Dear Sir
My hardware version is PN: Q1-A2545, and the software version is: L96NR01A03S.

Best wishes!

My two molduli are also: PN: Q1-A2545 version is: L96NR01A03S.
It is very strange that modules with cloudy skies fail to get the correction after 30 minutes.
I think the modules have poor reception.
Best regards.

Dear Sir
I have sent an email to you, please check. Thanks!

Partly cloudy today.
L96 module after 17 minutes 3 satellites, no fix.
BN-220 module 15 satellites, 3d fix after 1 minute.
I wait for a cloudless day to test the module.

Today cloudless sky, I tested the module after 15 minutes received 4 satellites. Without fix. I moved 2 meters the module has lost the 4 satellites.
Very sad I turned off.
log3.zip (18.1 KB)