L96-M33 accuracy issues


I’m finding serious issues with the L96-M33 accuracy.
I’m currently supplying 3.3V and 1A to the chip.
The antenna is the integrated one.

As far as I can see the output gps coordinates (keeping the device in the same position) vary in a range of 500 meters. The average error is somewhere between 30-40 meters, which is high from my point of view. 1 out of 100% error increases up to 300 meters.

Any idea how to fix it?

Hi Heseng,

In which environement you test shows bad performance?

Is the antenna pointed to the sky and without any blocking?

Best regards.

Hi Raphael,
thanks for your reply.

Tests are done inside a room with windows on every side.

L96 exits from backup mode every 5 minutes, and GPGGA records an average of 8/9 satellites in the following minute. Then it goes back to backup mode ($PMTK225,4*2F).

Is the number of satellites enough to guarantee a low error, or it is supposed to be higher?