L96 jamming detect

Hello! i have a L96 module and I jamming GPS, the pin jamming detect not LOW, and I see that the position is 0.
why the pin not LOW?

Please confirm whether this function is enabled through this PMTK838 instruction, please refer to the protocol document for details. This function is disabled by default.

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Sorry to reply so late, but I couldn’t get the inhibitor to continue with the module.
Effectively with that command I see the SPF, but the pin is still High, it still works because I can read the frame and see if they are inhibiting it or not, there are three states 1 (they do not inhibit it), 2 (inhibition without having had a position ) 3 (inhibition having previously had inhibition).

Is there any interference signal that affects the module?
If there is interference, the JAM_DET pin will output a low level (corresponding to PMTKSPF status 2 and 3); otherwise, it will output a high voltage level (corresponding to PMTKSPF status 1).
Please provide the module firmware version. It can be queried by the following command: $PQVERNO,R*3F

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