L96 best choice for lowest power consumption in different cases

We are planing to use L96 for different cases of getting coordinates:

  1. once every 24 hours.
  2. once every 12 hours.
  3. once every 6 hours.
  4. once every 3 hours.
  5. once every 1 hour.

In all cases my aim is minimum power consumption.

I read a lot of information about ephemeris and almanac but can’t undestand in what my cases the best scenarion is fully power off without GNSS information or use Backup mode (i.e. without cutting power of VCC and V_BCKP, but use FORCE_ON and PMTK, fore example).

How long ephemeris, almanac are actual?

What I know:

  1. Cold start may continue for up to 12.5 minutes. L96’s current consumption is about 30-40 mA in full mode.
  2. As I understood for cases 4 and 5 (once every 1 hour or 3 hour) the best choice is V_BCKP and VCC pins should be connected to power directly, staying L96 in backup mode at all time and FORCE_ON it on time arrived.
  3. For case 1 (getting coordinates once every 24 hours) the best choice is fully cutting off V_BCKP and VCC from power source (by external PMOS-switch, for example) and recover power on time arrived.

Correct me if I wrong.

What about other cases? Please, help me.

Hi Ildar Belkin,

Yes. L96 can automatically store ephemeris and almanac data after a valid position fix. But these data store in RAM and they are valid for no more than 2 hours. For minimum consumption, it is advised to shut down power.

If you want to hold V_BCKP, it is advised to get fixed every 2 hours or shorter.

The consumption of operation mode:

I will send you related documents via message.

Best regards.

Hello Raphael-Q.
Thank you very much! That is exactly I needed!