L96 3D_FIX pinout behavior

Coud you explain a behavior of 3D_FIX pinout?
Only I see in Hardware Design is “The 3D_FIX is assigned as a fix flag output. The pin will output a high voltage level to indicate successfull positioning.”
I’d like to use the pin to wake up main MCU.


  1. What “fix flag output” does it mean (Fix Status of GSA or Valid/Invalid of RMC) ? in what output or PMTK-command/response
  2. Can pinout be programmed for 2D only or 3D only or 2D/3D fix?
  3. What PMTK commad described in Protocol Spec manages it?

Hi Ildar_Belkin,

  1. 3D_FIX pin output a high voltage level means GSA is 3D. Generally, module will output a 3D fix state when position available.
  2. There is a 2D fix state, but usually 2D fix last for very short time, even we can’t capture a 2D fix state. So the module will output 3D fix state finally. There is no need to program for 2D only or 3D only.
  3. I will send you L96 related documents via message.

Best regards.

Thank you Raphael-Q!