L89H module GPS only configuration

I am using L89H module, which is giving $GNRMC. So, can you provide set of commands by which i can configure the module to operate in only GPS configuration and provide $GPRMC packet.
If any queries, please revert.

Hi Temc,

Set GPS only search mode: $PAIR066,1,0,0,0,0,0*3B

Configure NMEA sentences output:
$PAIR062,0,0*3E //GGA OFF

$PAIR062,1,0*3F // GLL OFF

$PAIR062,2,0*3C // GSA OFF

$PAIR062,3,0*3D //GSV OFF

$PAIR062,4,0*3A //RMC OFF

$PAIR062,5,0*3B //VTG OFF

$PAIR062,6,0*38 //ZDA OFF

$PAIR513*3D //save configuration

Best regards.

Thank you for the response,
We require L89H module to work with NMEA v 3.01 and should provide $GPRMC packet with same version.
I have an existing project which is working on NMEA v 3.01, for which the code cant be changed as it is safety certified.
Can you suggest me how we can achieve this ?

Hi Temc,

You can set NMEA v3.01 by $PAIR100,2,0*39.
If you want to output $GPRMC, please set GPS only search mode.
So the command list is:



$PAIR513*3D // save configurations
restart the module

Best regards.

Thank you for the commands, the module is working as per our intended application.