L89 PowerGPS Evaluation

I have downloaded PowerGPS from quectel forum advise:

It does not work in WIN10 nor in WIN7.

I´ve download Teseo-Suite Pro Tool also, because it is labeled in L89 EVAL kit manual…but I cant send messages

I just want to test the module without programing…

3 hours later, I starting to think there is no option but programing, and I have no time.

Hi Sir,

PowerGPS is a MTK tool, which couldn’t be used for L89.
Do you want to read NMEA sentence directly? If yes, please use our QCOM tool, set 9600bps.
QCOM tool download link:https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/europe-fae_quectel_com/Ea-S1ZB1rgBPmhZZm03P5EEBcWFZUCFRIolHfXdbupTT7w?e=RaXBlS
And all L89 latest docs and tools from:http://www.quectel.com/ProductDownload/L89.html

Hi Sammy,

ok, I´ve downloaded the QCOM. It´s OK, but it does not append so I have to calculate. That´s could be a improve.

L89 “Quectel_L89_GNSS_Specification_V1.1.pdf” document downloaded from your link says “Update Rate: 1 Hz (Default), up to 10 Hz*” — * Under Development.

I have another document “Quectel_L89_GNSS_Specification_V1.1.pdf” (same version, “released”, downloaded from quectel web) that does not have the “*” at the end of “Update Rate: 1 Hz (Default), up to 10 Hz”.

1- I choose L89 because I need 10Hz update rate. Is there a new fiirmaware?
2- There is no info in “Quectel_L89_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.1.pdf” about changing Baudrate and Update rate commands


Hi Gustavo,

Please use following commands:



4、 $PSTMCFGMSGL,1,1,0x00180056,0x7ec20010


6、 $PSTMCFGPORT,0,0,1,115200

7、 $PSTMCFGTDATA,1964,3443,0.1,00000012



Please note,

  1. we need change CPU loading first, command is PSTMSETPAR.
  2. and 9600bps doesn’t support 10hz, we should change baudrate to 115200 first, command is $PSTMCFGPORT,0,0,1,115200.
  3. PSTMCFGTDATA is used to set update rate.
    NEMA checksum calculate tool:https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/europe-fae_quectel_com/EYTU1ntTkIRLuYSx57O_y04BGGMhEpET2NsqkvICHRg_EA?e=YRlqIV
    Latest protocol spec download link:https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/europe-fae_quectel_com/ESzUU8mwZm9Krg9FWdgT7z4B5v5QuMDvMr0GuFZ7KZ4zKA?e=RNlmdw


Is there any other config in order to make this work?

I can get a FIX. One time after 30minutes, it saw 5 sats…
I trayed with an external antenna, the same.

My PCB design is almost the same as L80 GPS PCB… and it worked OK.

I´m getting dissapointed. May be this is because (I suspect, there is no info about) is not MTK.

Bye, Gustavo.

HI Gustavo,

I think we need your detail PCB and Schematic design files for review.
Please send email to support@quectel.com, let us know your company name and region, our local FAE will support you.