L89 not responding to any command

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I have a problem with the L89, I have bought the L89 installed on Click board from Mikroelectronika.
I connected it to my MCU and also terminal program

I’m receiving data from it but when i send any command without checksum it never respond, when i add the check sum and send any command with checksum it only reply with one respond $PAIR001,000,4*3F
I can not upgrade the firmware by booting or normal upgrade.
below is the data send from the module when I power up:


Dear Sir

Please check the firmware version through the following command: $PQTMVERNO*58

The version will be returned normally, as shown in the figure below:

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Dear Stone,

thank you for you reply.

the module returned the following message:


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Dear Sir

  1. The returned “$PAIR001,000,4*3F” is a parameter error, please provide the commands you sent.
  2. The flash tool for upgrade have been sent to your Email, please check.

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Hi Stone,

I’m sending the following:

$PSTMGETPAR,1101*22 ( to get the UART port address)

I sent also $PSTMCFGPORT,0,0,1,115200*77 to change baud rate to 115200 and both commands returning the same error message.

Dear Sir

Please refer to the attached protocol document, the module you are using is L89 R2.0.

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Quectel_L89 R2.0_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.0_Preliminary_20200429.pdf (367.5 KB)