L89 not receiving IRNSS on external GPS+IRNSS antenna


I am.using an L89 MODULE…I am getting GPS+IRNSS while using the internal Antenna .However when I connect an external GPS+IRNSS antenna…I am receiving only GPS ,not geeting any signals on IRNSS…is there any settings to enable the IRNSS.I have tried with both $PSTMSETCONSTMASK=1024 and 1027.
Everything seems to be working with internal antenna.
I have confirmed with antenna vendor and the external antenna is GPS+IRNSS.

Firmware version - L89NR01A06
Please help.


  1. GPS+Galileo+IRNSS is enabled by default;
  2. It is recommended to test in the opensky environment first. Normally using the internal antenna of the module, IRNSS satellites can also be searched.

Please help to confirm if you can provide the schematic and test NMEA log.

Thank you.