L86 sends $PMTK011,MTKGPS*08 every second while in Standby Mode

I’ve been testing my system with the L86 in Standby Mode and it constantly sends $PMTK011,MTKGPS*08 every second. And as a result, the current consumption is much higher than expected (>19ma).

Version and Firmware messages:

Transition to Standby Mode:

  1. $PMTK161,0*28"; //Enter Standby mode.
  2. Receive $PMTK001,161,3*36
  3. Every second receive $PMTK011,MTKGPS*08 until Full On Mode change
  4. Send $PMTK101*32
  5. Receive $PMTK010,001*2E
  6. Receive $PMTK011,MTKGPS*08
  7. Receive $PMTK010,002*2D

Is there something else I need to send to get this module in Standby Mode ?

Hi Colombo,

Is this isolated situation? Does it occur in every L86 in your products?

I have upgraded to L86NR02A02S version same as yours. But no similar situation occurs. After sending $PMTK161,0*28, L86 entered standby mode and didn’t report anything.

Please confirm if the main controller unit is still sending data to L86 after entering standby mode or not. You can use a logical analyzer to monitor L86 TXD and RXD ports.

Best regards.