L86 - PQPREC missing in Protocol Spec Document

In the release notes of version L86NR02A02S it is mentioned that SDK command PQPREC is added.

However in the latest version of the Protocol Specification document on

PQPREC is not mentioned.

Are we looking at the latest Protocol Spec document?

BTW the link on the L86 product page is incorrect, it refers to the 1.4 version of the pdf.

Please refer to Quectel_GNSS_SDK_Commands_Manual_V1.4.pdf for PQPREC command.
I will ask my colleague to update the link. Thank you for the reminder.

Hi Sir,

We have checked our download link http://www.quectel.com/ProductDownload/L86.html, Quectel_L86_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.5 is in the link, could you tell me which link you mentioned?

On this page
In Application Notes the link to the 1.5 version of the document, links to the 1.4 version of the document.

Better also add this link to the L86 product page:

The link has been updated, please check.