L86 position update after Standby

Hello all. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

We’re using an L86 with external antenna, waiting up to 12.5 minutes for the first fix, then sending standby mode command ($PMTK161,0*28). The first fix is usually found within 3 minutes. After an hour we issue a command to switch to Full On mode.

How long should it take to get a new position after leaving Standby mode ?

It appears there are multiple satellites available, but time out after 30 seconds waiting for the next valid GPMRC position.
Any insight would be appreciated.

10:26:11.765 -> $GPRMC,152610.486,V,0.00,0.00,070621,N,V3E
10:26:11.834 -> $GPVTG,0.00,T,M,0.00,N,0.00,K,N
10:26:11.869 -> $GPGGA,152610.486,0,0,M,M,43
10:26:11.904 -> $GPGSA,A,1,1
10:26:12.160 -> $GPGSA,A,1,200
10:26:12.160 -> $GPGSV,4,1,13,14,69,000,17,67,270,30,60,184,28,58,326,0
10:26:12.160 -> $GPGSV,4,2,13,01,46,067,21,19,40,246,21,27,048,31,07,24,159,068
10:26:12.160 -> $GPGSV,4,3,13,13,23,270,22,09,086,06,07,195,15,06,296,0
10:26:12.160 -> $GPGSV,4,4,13,03,04,111,051
10:26:12.215 -> $GLGSV,1,1,00,1
10:26:12.215 -> $GPGLL,152610.486,V,N71
10:26:12.250 -> $GPTXT,01,01,02,ANTSTATUS=OK

Dear Sir
Please use this command to check the firmware version: $PQVERNO,R*3F, this command needs to add carriage return and line feed.

There is a problem with the sentence format you provided. Please provide the sentence directly output by the serial port instead of passing it through the processor.

Are you using an active antenna or a passive antenna?

Is your test environment indoor or outdoor?

Thank you!

Hi Albert,
Thanks for the reply.
The Standby Mode command is sent as $PMTK161,028. The () characters are not included in the command.
The response from the version command is $PQVERNO,R,L86NR02A01S,2017/07/10,20:28
The system is using an active antenna, outdoors.

Any update on this issue ? Thanks.

Dear Sir
Please update to the latest firmware and test again, thank you!

FlashTool_exe_v4.1.0.zip (1.1 MB)
L86NR02A02S.zip (1.1 MB)